AERGO Review
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What is AERGO?

AERGO is an open-source computing platform designed to deploy practical decentralized apps and enterprise-IT solutions. AERGO aims to allow application developers and enterprise companies to create blockchain applications and customize them. AERGO is created and supported by Blocko, the blockchain infrastructure provider that has built and delivered private blockchain systems for large conglomerates in South Korea for the past four years. AERGO has its own token, which powers the platform.


AERGO aims to be the next generation blockchain project. AERGO focuses not just on delivering advanced scalability, governance, interoperability, and privacy solutions, but on giving the new technology enterprise integration as well.

The demand for new blockchain solutions is growing, but so far, the majority of the blockchain project is more of try-and-error experiments than completed products for the enterprise. It makes it harder to implement blockchain into working business models and slows down the wider blockchain adoption. Thus, AERGO tries to become "enterprise ready" and provide businesses and developers with working blockchain infrastructure.

In a nutshell, AERGO aims to make the most advanced tech solutions easier to get implemented by providing:

1. Advanced, yet friendly and easy to use technology for developers and contractors.

2. A secure and fast public and private blockchain cloud architecture for businesses.

3. An open ecosystem for third parties and businesses to connect and engage with.

Of course, high performance is vital for blockchain platform. But before using blockchain for real-life business operations, the whole infrastructure should be user-friendly and easy-to-use as well. Why is it especially important for an enterprise? To make it more cost- and time-effective to implement and use the technology. And AERGO recognizes this and adapts the platform accordingly. AERGO has potential use cases in multiple industries, including finance, IoT, logistics, manufacturing & others.

AERGO intends to combine the features of public and private blockchains, creating an innovative platform, which is secure, easy to manage and build DApps upon.


The core team consists of 20+ members focused exclusively on AERGO. Apart from their contribution, there is assistance from Blocko’s team. AERGO’s team is united in the Hong Kong-based not-for-profit organization with offices in South Korea and China. 

AERGO’s key team members:
Phil Zamani, Chairman & CEO, has 20 years of open source and cloud business experience.
Hun Young Park, CTO, an expert in large scale and high-performance software design.

AERGO’s team is well-balanced, with attention to both development and business aspects. It is reasonable, taking into account AERGO’s focus on creating and deploying advanced technology for enterprise solutions.


AERGO is in the ongoing process of building up the community. There is a good presence on multiple social media channels, including Twitter (6k followers), Telegram, Discord, and others. Also, AERGO provides a variety of technical content for a better understanding of its core principles.

AERGO exists in close cooperation with Blocko. Blocko developed and supported AERGO and now prepares to migrate its entire business model to support its customers on systems built on the AERGO platform. Blocko sees the opportunity to become the global supplier of production-level blockchain business ecosystems built on AERGO. Thanks to Blocko, AERGO has a great base to reach more enterprise clients.


AERGO’s platform seeks to enable enterprises and developers to easily design, build and deploy DApps within the cloud. The platform aims to offer the possibility for developers to customize their blockchain and applications. The idea is giving a choice to operate on either a public or a private network. Potentially, AERGO aims to have a great amount of DApps using the platform.

The core technology is based on Coinstack platform, created and provided by Blocko. AERGO’s consensus algorithm is Delegated Proof-of-Stake, which is considered to be a more scalable & effective upgrade of traditional PoS. There is a special smart contract engine – AERGOSQL. It allows developers to use common tools and languages to create smart contracts on the platform.

The AERGO Platform has three main components:

AERGO Chain – an open-source blockchain protocol.

AERGO Hub – a blockchain hosting service that acts as a public interface for building, testing, deploying and managing independent blockchains based on AERGO Chain.

AERGO Marketplace – AERGO Marketplace aims to enable the sale and purchase of peer-to-peer computing assets. Examples of computing assets offered on the marketplace will include storage, computing power, and algorithms. The AERGO Marketplace software, computing, and other services are intended to be compatible and run on or work with AERGO Chain.

AERGO aims to support two repositories: public and private. Both of them have unique features, and a developer can choose which one of them is better to use for a specific purpose.

To get the product used, AERGO is designed to be user-friendly, with a focus on customers’ needs. The team plans to launch the mainnet on for 15th of April.

AERGO Summary


  • Advanced "enterprise ready" platform.
  • Execution-driven approach
  • Aims to solve fundamental cryptocurrency issues: scalability, interoperability, governance + give them enterprise integration.


  • Professional & experienced team.
  • More than 20 team members.
  • Balanced in both development and business aspects.


  • Regular updates from the team.
  • Good presence on social media channels.
  • Support from Blocko, well-known in blockchain space.


  • Innovative platform.
  • Possible to create smart contracts.
  • Focus on making the product easy-to-use for developers.
  • Mainnet launch is scheduled for 15th of April.

In conclusion 

We believe AERGO may be one of the most promising small-cap cryptocurrencies. The project has a wonderful concept, strong team, and cooperation with Blocko and other solid entities in blockchain space. Yet, only time will tell how popular AERGO will become among developers and businesses. The grand idea of making blockchain used for enterprise solutions is great for the mass-adoption of the technology. We are anticipated to see the mainnet launch, which is scheduled for the 15th of April. 


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