It is never recommended to invest in cryptocurrency without doing research.

In our opinion, the best cryptocurrency research starts with the fundamental question

"How to evaluate cryptocurrency?"

Each coin has a unique flow of growth and development. Each crypto has its own vision and strategy. Coming up with the universal method or metric seems hard, if not impossible. Therefore, we tried to summarize common sense and industry-specific ideas to create the best cryptocurrency reviews.

In short, our reviews are based on a certain logic:

1. Why a coin exists? (Concept)

2. Who is working on making the coin’s concept the reality? (Team)

3. How the coin is being presented to potential adopters (Communication)

4. What is the embodiment of all the work? (Product)

Now let’s add some details:

As we see it, the Concept is the grand idea behind any coin, the core principles allowing it to exist, and the environment it exists in. What we pay attention to while evaluating the Concept include Problem to Solve, Solution, General Strategy, Legal & Business Compliance, Potential Use Cases, Vision, Competitors, Total Addressable Market & other points.

The Team means people working to improve the coin. Principles of open-source and decentralization allow different formations of the Team. We believe, that each formation has a chance to succeed, whether it is a group of volunteers, a non-profit organization, a for-profit company or multiple entities and individuals. What we pay attention at while giving the Team score: Size, Structure, Balance, Leadership, Team Growth & other points.

The Communication score represents our opinion of communication of coin’s vision and values. Communication includes some aspects of marketing, yet it has a wider meaning. We also try to find out, how this communication was recognized by potential partners and adopters. The points we pay attention at include, but not limited to Brand Identity, Social Media, Content, Transparency, Awareness, Community Engagement, and Ecosystem Partnerships (we consider partnerships as an important result of communication).

The Product score is based on the main product(s), which the team brings out, and technical solutions behind it. We adapt the research methods to different projects (a coin, a blockchain platform, a utility token for a certain purpose, etc.). Generally, while evaluating technology and products, we might pay attention to Uniqueness, Innovation, Infrastructure, Performance, Applications, GitHub Activity, Features and so on.

In the end, we give an overall score, based on our research and opinion. We use a 1-10 grade with 10 as the highest possible score. The closer to 10, the better we think the project is. The best projects (8.5-10) are, likely, the "Top Undervalued Cryptocurrencies" we are looking for. The good projects (7-8.4) may be among the "Top Undervalued Cryptocurrencies". The projects with scores above average (5.5-6.9) may be the "Undervalued Cryptocurrencies". If the score is lower, we simply don’t see enough solid justifications to put the project among the undervalued coins.