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What is Token and MTC? is a blockchain-powered telemedicine platform. MTC is a utility token that powers this platform. Docademic was the name of Token (MTC) before rebranding. The token had ICO in February-March 2018.

Concept has a mission – to make medicine universal by providing free basic healthcare for the world and create a decentralized medical and biological database. The problem (and telemedicine in general) solves is the accessibility of medical services. People in remote rural areas might need hours to get to a doctor. Or access to the Internet to get a consultation online. operates as an online communication platform. With, patients can get in touch with doctors. But why exactly blockchain is needed here? What additional value does it bring?

The reason for using blockchain is making medical data management more transparent and secure. Another potential advantage of using blockchain in medical records is giving advanced interoperability among clinics, hospitals, and other health service providers. As a result, management of medical data might become much cheaper and easier.

Apart from that, the cryptocurrency allows the platform to have its own economy, making international payments easier.



The team is led by CEO Charles Nader. In 2012, he co-founded Sidrese SA de CV, which was the origin of Docademic and, later, Other members of the team include Laura Ojeda (COO), Arturo Diaz (CTO), Chris Parker (US CEO). The team has more than 30 people. The team has a track record in IT, Hospital management, Pharmaceutical Industry, Emergency Care, Clinical Research, Legal and regulatory—all combined with expertise in Internet and mobile technology. The main locations for the team are Mexico and the USA. 

Communication maintains good social media presence, with regular updates and announcements. The project is regularly highlighted by John McAfee. The famous crypto influencer actively helps the token to get more awareness, which is essential for getting more adoption. announced several significant ecosystem partnerships. and Tracfone Wireless are going to expand the reach in the United States. docHealth and docEmotions apps will be preinstalled on Tracfone’s devices.

Another exciting thing about is cooperation with the UN in Eastern Africa. The main idea behind this partnership is providing telemedicine and telepsychology services to the local population. The team plans to enable the platform in Eastern Africa this year.


MTC is an ERC-20 token. This means that the token is based on Ethereum and follow certain technical standards. The token powers the whole platform. In the future, will launch its own blockchain, specifically adapted to the healthcare industry.

The two main products are apps – Health and Emotions. Their utility is providing patients with telemedicine and telepsychology services. Both apps are available on App Store and Google Play. The Health app offers free telemedicine services. Just one click – and a video conversation with a licensed doctor may begin.   

The Emotions app provides telepsychology services. According to, the apps have more than 235k users combined. The health information, shared with doctors, is stored anonymously on the blockchain. Moreover, a patient can retrieve it easily.

Now, app is available in the majority of Latin American countries, Spain and the United States (Florida). 2019 is going to be the year of expansion to other states of the US, regions, and countries. architecture involves three core technologies:
1. User matching Engine matches the a patient with a doctor.
2. Cross diagnosis Human-AI Engine allows for quick, effective and clear diagnosis of patients
3. Smart patient Routing serves for storing and accessing data.

So how the economy of the works? After each completed call, patients are rewarded with MTC. Also, they can spend MTC to get additional medical products and services. In exchange, they give medical data. Once uploaded onto a blockchain, medical data becomes safe, anonymous and transparent.  In the future, gathered data can be used for medical, scientific or marketing research. The data gives the required statistical information, yet it is impossible to trace it back to patients. Research organizations need MTC for interactions with the blockchain. Token Summary


  • Telemedicine platform.
  • Driven by the mission to universalize medicine.
  • Problem to solve: accessibility of medical services.
  • High attention to legal compliance.
  • Using blockchain to make medical data management more transparent and secure.


  • Experienced team.
  • More than 30 team members.


  • The project is promoted by John McAfee.
  • Good social media presence.
  • Several ecosystem partnerships.


  • ERC-20 token.
  • Soon launching own blockchain.
  • Apps for telemedicine and telepsychology.
  • Working product with 235k users.

In conclusion have already made some significant steps to universalize medicine. The apps are working, and more features are coming soon. is a unique telemedicine platform, showing a great way to utilize blockchain in healthcare. Now, apps are available in 20+ countries, but that’s just a small part of the world. Further adoption and reaching out to new markets are key priorities. Likely, the platform has the potential to become a groundbreaking global solution in healthcare.

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